Personal Reflection of the Internet

Personal Reflection:

Questions to consider:

When did you first go online? What were your early perceptions of the internet and/or the web? What did you do online? Have your online practices evolved? If so, how?

I first started using the Internet when I was in the 6th grade, which was roughly 11 years ago. Some of my early perceptions of the Internet was pretty slow loading web pages, so I was impatient at times. Those might have been the only bad thing about it. It was pretty useful when I first started using it when doing my homework and browsing things online.

There were many things I did online. I first discovered MSN, a place where I could talk to my friends. This was my only way to talk to them since I did not have a cell phone at the time. Cell phones did not blow up like they have in recent years. The internet also brought me to many websites that I continued using to this day. Websites that were on sports, gaming, information, educational etc, were the main focus for me then. One of my favourite websites that I visited was called, which still exists today, and that was where I did most of my gaming.

Today, my online practices have evolved. Since the focus on the Internet is on social media, I figured I should participate in them today. Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter are usually the ones I am involved with the most. Had a Myspace account too, but deleted that since that trend ended. The web has provided me tonnes of different information about anything I can imagine. And it is the place where I can find interesting academic journal articles that help me with my assignments.

I feel like a veteran of the Internet and what it provides, but there a lot more that it can provide, which is what I find the most interesting thing about it.



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