Creative Assignment 3- Personal Reflection and Pinterest board Part 1

Personal Reflection

The devices that I use each and every day are my cellphone, laptop, iPod touch and Xbox 360. These devices were gifts I received from the family. The cellphone I received was a birthday gift from my parents. With my contract ending a couple weeks after my birthday, my mom treated me out to Rogers and let me picked out the phone that I wanted and chose the HTC one mini. The laptop was a gift in either the 9th or 10th grade and for my birthday. My ipod touch was a Christmas gift from my parents as well the Xbox 360.Image


The cellphone has been the device that has received the most updating and could because I use it the most. Since 2010, I have gone through 4 cellphones. My first cellphone which was a hand me down cellphone that I received from my sister, did not last long as soon as I got it. Then I went through two blackberries from 2011 to 2014 and then upgraded my phone to the HTC one mini. What is cool about the cellphone that I have now is it updates on its own. There will be times where the cellphone updates on 3 or 4 apps that I have. The other devices I have used have not been updated like the cellphone.



Before I had a laptop, I was using my dad’s home computer. Like any computer roughly 10 years ago, it had the huge monitor, the big rectangular cd rom and the keyboard. Much time was spent on that computer and enjoyed every second of it. Although it was a good computer, it began to show signs of age. The speed on the computer began to slow down and now it sits there collecting dust.


The main reason for changing these devices is they started to break down easily. My second blackberry began falling apart during the third year I had it. The battery life would be 10 minutes and then shuts off. The adapter on the side was broken, and some of the keys did not work. The phone was a mess. Some of this you cannot control, which is why I had to make a change. The laptop I have right now is in good shape, but it can be updated as well. It does not recharge properly anymore and the physical feature of the laptop is diminishing.    





This might be strange, but the cellphones that I am no longer using my mom have kept it in her room. She feels that keeping these cellphones might come in an importance for me if I ever needed them. Not sure what the logic is, but it does no harm to just keeping them. The same can be said to the other devices I have used. Some of my older game consoles such as the ps1, gamecube, and gameboy devices are stored away. I figured that if I spent a lot of money at the time when those devices were trending, why not keep them? And the cellphones that I used to have are in my mom’s room.

The social impact that these devices had on me were huge. It was part of my childhood growing up and provided an enjoyment that I could never have back. Obviously the bigger question is how these devices effect the global environment. Although these devices are stored in my house, just having them here makes a big difference. The discussion on e-waste brought up a lot attention as to how much we are throwing away and how it effects the nature of the world. Throwing devices away is as bad as throwing our garbage away. The effect it can have on our environment affects the way people live. People should realize that we are starting to throw out our technology devices faster because new devices keep coming out. The way we consume our technology is harmful to not only the environment, but ourselves. We are accustomed to buying the latest thing, and affect our way of living. People have to power to cause the problem, we can also fix it.



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