Media (Il)literacies Week 11

The first thing that I learned from this class and will use the skills beyond the class was the knowledge from what memes are and the cultural meaning incorporated in them. Week 4 taught me how language is broken down in short ironic words and tied in with a picture that correlates to what is being said. We are able to participate by recreating these memes into our own. When I was creating my memes for the assignment, I had to find a topic that people were talking about at the time and can incorporate into a recycled image that is being used on the Internet. Once my meme was made, I knew that people across the world will look at my meme and might understand what the meaning is. Week 4 will help provide a better understanding of memes and maybe create my own on the free time.

The second thing that I learned from this class was Week 6 on participation and Youtube. That topic might have been the most interesting because the professor was able to tie Youtube into how people participate on the Web. Understanding how these platforms were always interesting because each story is always different. We knew about how Facebook was created if you saw the film, so reading about how Youtube was created was interesting. Youtube itself is created to create, sort, judge and censor content. All of these experiences and interests are created a video for everyone to see, which is why Youtube is the mainframe for produsers. So whether or not people participate on Youtube is interesting to debate because how can consider watching a video participation.

The final thing that I learned from this class was Week 7 that focused on Twitter. I knew a lot Twitter about what it does and how people are connected, but learning about the history of Twitter made me understand Twitter critically. Understanding how people micro blog and this new way of interaction are important, but the public themselves is important because that is where ideas come from. Having Twitter will help me connect to new people and ideas that I have not heard of. It can also be used for finding companies you want to work for and can help connect with their employees.

In conclusion, this course has provided me information that I could not imagine knowing on my own. Being able to understanding our social world can be accomplished by understanding the history of it and critically look at the impact it has to our world.


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