Creative Assignment 2- Deconstruct/construct meme



 Part 1

Why did you choose this meme?

The reason I chose this meme because of the irony involved. This meme is hilarious because it pokes fun of people on Instagram. Usually women tend to pose on Instagram. The way I see it, many girls on Instagram create a seductive image to earn likes from their friends. The constant recycling of the same poses done by different girls (ex. selfies, duck face) is annoying. This is why I chose this meme.

How does your understanding of the meme position you as a reader within a larger community? What is this community?

It positions me as someone who feels that people who get infront of the camera are overconfident. That personally does not show who you are. Someone who needs personal attention should definitely use Instagram to boost their self-confidence. When I use Instagram, I try to take pictures whenever I am with my friends, or food. Yes I do take a photo of myself sometimes, but I try to be creative.

What does the meme mean?

Meme usually are considered ‘inside jokes’ and people who see a meme recognize that. Internet meme have become a way to show messages and relate that to the picture. The expression that either a person, or an animal, or something we imagine, shows what they are thinking. This then be use to what the text is.

What are its points of reference (i.e. intertextuality, indexicality)?

The text does create meaning because on the reference to our society. The text is used as mockery of the  social platform, particularly women. The image is pastiche because the meme is used to mock society. “In conjunction with the character, Mr. Wonka is viewed as someone who likes to talk down to people, thus which is where his name “Condescending Wonka” comes from” (, 2012). The way Wonka patronizes what people do to what the superiority find as the norm makes memes a cultural tool.

The indexicality is how society interprets the meme. To me I found the meme funny. Another person might not like the meme because it can be disrespectful. Others might not understand the meme at all. The point of having interpretations is people can view it differently. That is why memes are important because no one can understand its true meaning.

How does the meme work as a cultural artifact?

Memes work as a cultural artifact because of the information it provides to a culture. It gives the people a way to reuse that artifact on any occasion. For example, the cultural artifact for the Condescending Wonka was from the movie Willy Wonka, where camera shots created a point in time where Wonka was seen as ‘condescending’ to other characters in the movie, and to the audience. Then it becomes a representation by the audience, which is being shown time and time again with the Condescending Wonka meme. Meme might be considered recycled slang, but it hold value based on what goes on in society.


Part 2


How does your meme ‘work’?

The way I constructed this meme was to poke fun of the so called ‘Italian’ fans. Every world cup, the Italian fans come out, showing their pride for their team in the worst possible way. It amazes me how many people can ride on a country. Even though they are considered Italian, they can never experience the culture like the people who are from Italy. The text itself represents who Italian fans will likely cheer for, Mario Balotelli because he’s their best player and will help win for Italy. They may not know about him as a premier soccer player, but still cheer for him anyways.        

 Who/what is your audience?

My audience is specific because not all fans act this way. This meme targets fans who bandwagons on a team like Italy to show everyone that they are as Italian as anyone else by wearing their jerseys and memorabilia.

Does its interpretation require specialized knowledge?

The interpretation of this meme should not require specialized knowledge. There is no research that has to go into understanding what this meme means. The only way to understand this meme would be to know the history of how Italian fans show their appreciation. I have experienced these so called fans during every world cup since I can remember. These fans would show their appreciation of their team the same way. Either using facebook posts or tweets to showing off what they’re wearing.

What are its points of reference (i.e. intertextuality, indexicality)?

The text of this meme creates meaning towards a mockery towards the bandwagon fans of Italy. The way the text focuses on the being an ‘Italian’ fan provides humor for people who will understand what people go through when seeing these fans. The name ‘Balotelli’ points out that he is someone that every fan reference when they call themselves a ‘Italian’ fan.

The indexicality might not be clear in this particular meme because people might not understand the reference between Balotelli and Italy if they do not follow soccer. The picture does not show an Italy flag or fan in the picture, but the text tries to show the reference between the two.

Describe its templatability. Did you build on an existing meme? How does your meme connect to the other(s)? How does your meme differ?

This meme does build off of the existing Condescending Wonka. The reason I chose this particular meme because I always enjoyed the meme for reference. The connection to other memes is the text. I used the text from my previous example in part one as a way to structure my text around the Italian culture and their fans. It would also make the connection to something or someone that people can relate. The example from part 1 referenced Instagram. I knew I had to do the same with my example. Mario Balotelli seemed like the right person for the description of who these fans cheer for.

Although this meme is creative, it does not make it different. This meme is called a crisis meme and has been “criticized for not being reasoned discourse, reinforcing cultural divides and making use of copyrighted content without permission and in ways that the copyright holder may not wish”(Rintel, S.,2013). These meme does not carry any much discourse to them. It does make you think about whether or not these memes have any value to them.

How did you create your meme? Describe the process and the tools you used in its creation.

I followed the instructions provided by my professor. I used the first link, and it brought me to their website. Then I picked out the specific meme I wanted as a picture. After coming up with many ideas on what I want to focus my meme around, I chose to focus on the World Cup, using Italy as a point of reference. The audience targeted bandwagon fans because I see them all the time. Phrasing the text revolved around the example from Part 1 of this assignment.



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